La Piloto [UniMás 2016-2018]

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Re: La Piloto [UniMás 2016-2018]

Сообщение Nataliak » Пт дек 13, 2019 23:44

antonella писал(а):
Пт дек 13, 2019 21:11
Скажите пожалуйста, будет ли продолжен перевод второго сезона?
Я продолжу в новогодние праздники :wink:

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Re: La Piloto [UniMás 2016-2018]

Сообщение pipa15 » Пн янв 06, 2020 18:48

первый сезон понравился больше, чем второй. в первом сезоне устроил финал.

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Re: La Piloto [UniMás 2016-2018]

Сообщение Inconsepto » Вт янв 14, 2020 19:31

кстати говоря . Мне Наташа посоветовала Пилота, когда спрашивал что взять с Ливией Брито. Но суть не в этом. В первом сезоне единственная серия с субтитрами, которая была не на яндексе 48 уже удалена .

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Re: La Piloto [UniMás 2016-2018]

Сообщение PingoDaPinguin » Ср апр 29, 2020 23:25

This was an interesting watch, more for the context than the content itself. This is your standard revenge porn/cinderella/narco basic story, it´s guess it´s ok, not the worse thing i´ve seen. Cause I enjoy it! I really enjoyed a lot, the first part...

The main plot seems simple enough a young woman dreams to be a pilot, she ends working as a stewardess and thanks to getting to know the wrong people she gets involved with drug dealers, but her opportunity to reach skies. A this is probably why the first part is interesting, he friendship with her girl friends, her mother, and of course with John Lucio, her romance is actually quite cute (besides the problematic implications), and the villains are ok, they work fine.
And then we have Yolanda's kidnapping… it all goes down. Now at this point there were some annyong antagonists which was tolerable, because being a drug dealer means you´ll have a bunch of enemies, but not only the colombian army having Yolanda captivated goes on and on. Oscar and Ziluma start their misunderstandings between John and Yoli, which is not entertaining, it just drags the plot to more cliches. Then there is Santamarina, oh sweet Santamarina! I love you so much for an annoying little ****. Through the whole story you're just wondering “when are you going to die?”, “you served your purpose sir”. After Yolanda escape from him, he tries to track from Colombia to Mexico, it's stupid, I don't have anything else.
The sad part is while all of this is happening, there is some good stuff: the stewardesses subplots about them going through the consequences of their actions and decisions, and now fixing their lives. Estela´s character arc on how she starts being a terrible mother to eventually become a better person. I also think Yolanda´s relationship with Dave is nice enough, it is not perfect but they make it work out. All of this is interesting, but sometimes gets overshadowed but the uninteresting villains and their plans, and the DEA officers being complete idiots, and Yolanda making bad decision after bad decision.

I could go on bigger rant about the flashbacks, it drive me nuts, but i´ll leave it there. Not sure if i'm watching the second season, kind of done.

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Re: La Piloto [UniMás 2016-2018]

Сообщение Sol78 » Чт июн 04, 2020 00:54

Подскажите, пожалуйста, где-нибудь можно найти серии 2 сезона на испанском?

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Re: La Piloto [UniMás 2016-2018]

Сообщение nadyg » Ср июл 08, 2020 00:10

Плиз, плиз подскажите, где можно 2 сезон (начиная с 39 серии) посмотреть с русскими субтитрами или хотя бы английскими?


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